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Municipality Water Diving Services:

  • Water Tank Cleaning, Inspections and Repairs

  • Water Tower Cleaning, Inspections and Repairs

  • Clear-well Cleaning, Inspections and Repairs

  • Reservoir Cleaning, Inspections and Repairs

  • Reclaim Tank Cleaning, Inspections and Repairs

  • Residual Holding Tank Cleaning, Inspections, and Repairs

  • Decant Tank Cleaning, Inspections and Repairs

  • Gasket Replacement 

  • Screen Replacement

  • Anode Replacement

  • Cathodic Protection System Installations and Repairs

  • Aquata-poxy Repairs

  • Pipe Inspections

  • ROV Services

  • Storm water Management

  • Culvert Inspection and Clearing

  • Warranty/ Structural Inspections

  • Sediment and Debry Removal

  • In-water Corrosion Repairs

  • Coating Inspections

  • Mil Thickness Testing (DFT)

  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  • Emergency Dive Operations: Retrieving, Removing and Cleaning Foreign Contaminants 

  • Dive Assessments: Localized Evaluation of Internal Plumbing Components, Baffle Walls and Crossovers 

  • Confined Spaces

  • Long Exposure Dive


Sediment Removal Cleaning:

Sediment Removal from inside of any water storage tanks. 


Removing debris, sediment and containments for safer cleaner water.

Leak Detection and Aquata-poxy Repair:

Leak Detection for a repair:

Our divers from inside the tank identify and test the leak.  Inserting dye to confirm the leak from the inside and this dye will then travel outside of the tank.


Divers then plug the leak point, covering the inside with Aquata-poxy that patches and seals to prevent any further water loss. 

Before Leak Dectection Repair


After Leak Detection Repair


ROV/Drone Inspections:

ROV or Remote Operated Vehicle 

are an alternative and innovative equipment that InDepth utilizes in the field.

Drones are flown by certified professional pilots and can help reach heights that may be dangerous or difficult for divers to get to.

InDepth has trained professional and drone certified pilots that operate these ROVs and drones.


Saving time and money both ROVs and Drones can be used in place of a divers for interior and exterior inspections.

Before and After of Sacrificial Anodes:

Installation and Replacement of Sacrificial Anodes save the inside of your water storage tank from corrosion. 

Saving the inside integrity, time and money.

Tank Mixers


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