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ABOUT us...

Qualifications & Certifications:


Licensed and Insured

InDepth serves the most South Eastern lower United States and looking forward to expanding even further.


Experience Bio:

Mr. Rogers, CEO, President and Founder has over 7 years of experience in the commercial diving industry, including underwater
assessments & inspections, marine construction, marine structure rehabilitation, asset management, service
life evaluation, damage assessment, preventive maintenance, and underwater salvage / recovery.


Mr. Rogers,
is a national certified commercial dive supervisor / diver, NHI underwater bridge inspector, Certified Specialty Contract,  NACE coating inspector, Aerial drone pilot, and ROV operator. He is educated and experienced working with subaqueous
elements consisting of steel, concrete, timber, fiberglass, vinyl, and other natural materials.


Over his career,
he has performed a wide variety of inspections & evaluations on government assets, with a collective
estimated value of more than 100 million dollars.

✦ Diver Certification Board of Canada (D.C.B.C.) qualified as an Unrestricted Surface Supplied Commercial Dive Supervisor
✦ Diver Association of Commercial Diving Educators (A.C.D.E.) qualified as an Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Divers
✦ Association of Diving Contractors International (A.D.C.I.) qualified as a Surface-Supplied Air Diving Supervisor
✦ Certified in accordance with N.C.C.E.R Rigging Fundamentals
✦ Qualified in accordance with OSHA, Haz-Mat/Hazwoper procedures (40 Hours)
✦ Qualified in accordance with OSHA, Confined Space Entry procedures
✦ NACE CSP1 lvl, inspector certification and standard specialist
✦ Non Destructive Testing (N.D.T.) Level I & II U/W V.T., U.T. & M.P.I.
✦ First Aid, C.P.R., Oxygen Provider, Automated Defibrillator Qualified, & Offshore Survival Certified
✦ Transportation Worker Identification Credential Card (TWIC) & Valid U.S. Passport
✦ AWS D3-6M Underwater Welding Certifications
✦ National Center Constructions Education & Research (N.C.C.E.R) core curricula certified in basic & power tool safety
✦ NASE Certified Rescue Diver
✦ EMT & DMT advanced course Certifications (dive medic)
✦ O2 oxygen certified provider / administrator
✦ Fall Safety Protection Certifications
✦ Data Entry Specialist
✦ UAS Remote Pilot License

✦Certified General Contractor in the State of Florida (CGC1506240 / CA29493)

✦Certified Plumbing Contractor in the State of Florida (CFC1430025)

✦National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying Certified (No. 30955)

✦Specialty Contractors License

✦NACE Inspector
Evaluating and documenting the condition and structural integrity of submerged or above ground structures,
including: steel, coating, concrete, pipelines, pumps, tanks, vessels, valves, structural supports, bridges,
culverts, seawalls, and other equipment. 


InDepth is small minority owned business; specializing in Potable Municipality Diving.  But offers so much more; expanding in the last few years, InDepth has added Industrial Diving Services to its resume. 


With a Professional Certified Engineer on staff InDepth offers works on:

  • Structural Design and plan set development

  • Marine and Offshore survey and inspection work

  • Salvage work

  • General Marine Engineering

Our team is comprised of:

  • Certified commercial divers (DCBC, NACE,  ADCI)

  • Professionally Certified Engineer

  • Drone pilots 

  • Construction Marine Contractors Licensed personnel

  • Professional and Efficient Crew

Continuing to grow since May 5th, 2017...

InDepth Services Inc has evolved into a diverse highly decorated diving team. 

InDepth currently services:

Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and South Carolina


Emergency Response team services deployed and mobilized on-site with in 72 hours.


Certified PE, in Naval Architecture / Marine Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida (FL Reg. No. 54750)

  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas (TX Reg. No. 99147)

  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Oregon (OR Reg. No.80337)

  • Registered Professional Engineer in the State of U.S.V.I (U.S.V.I. Reg. No.1006E)

  • CDA Technical Institute: Air/Mixed Gas Commercial Diver- Since 2014

  • NACE International: Coating Inspector- Since 2017

  • National Highway Institute: Underwater Bridge Inspection - FHWA-NHI-13009- Since 2020


Over seven 7 years of experience in the coastal / inland commercial diving industry, and more than 20 years of experience with structural marine engineering, we continue to inherit and expand our knowledge across all spectrums that we are engaged with.

Certified Drone Pilots on Board


Floating above the Rest with...

State of the Art Equipment


ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle)

vlcsnap-2020-09-06-22h36m53s297 (1).png

ROV Inspections Available

Recognized Standards

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