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InDepth and the Environment

How we are Repairing and Protecting the Environment:


Why is protecting and serving our environment important?

Ecosystem service is defined as the direct and indirect contributions of the ecosystem to human well-being, and it directly affects the quality of life and most importantly survival. 


Our ecosystems provide not only recreational opportunities but most importantly it provides us with food, clean air, and fresh water. Florida’s fish and wildlife resources based on the latest scientific data describing the state’s ecosystems and the wide diversity of species in those ecosystems. 


There more than 570 species of wildlife, more than 200 native species of freshwater fish and more than 500 native species of saltwater fish that relay on the ecosystem in Florida. 


In Depth Services believes in keeping our waterways clean and rebuilding the ecosystem that supports the fish and wildlife in Florida.  


We are proud to be involved in programs such as the Derelict Vessel Program.  This program involves removing abandoned vessels that are a danger to the environment.

During the process of restoring the environment we not only have set safety standards for our team but the wildlife.  If there are any wildlife within a 50-foot radius work is halted, during traveling to or from work site and on the site. 

In removing vessels siphoning fluids from engines and radiators before removal to stop the pollutants being released into the natural environment is one of the most important steps.  And using extra measures we use turbidity curtains to collect any harmful pollutants from travelling into the water system and directly affecting the delicate ecosystem.


Further protecting the ecosystem vessel will be attempted to be removed with air bags or cut into pieces to prevent scarring or washing the bottom of the area.


Other Environmentally Friendly Projects:

Recently InDepth has been involved in rehabilitating a 10-year on going Oyster Hatchery project at one of the top universities in the state.  The Apalachicola Bay System Initiative is working to rehabilitate these oysters from this hatchery to the Appalachia Bay. 


InDepth has taken part of this delicate process using state of the art technology.


As a result making sure the incoming water to their system is clean and clear of pollutants for happy healthy oysters.

InDepth, Diver on Tower, Mountain

Salvage / Derelict Vessel Removal 


This project not only removed hazards and foreign objects from the delicate environment but helped restore it back to it's natural state.

This Project:


The Derelict Vessel Removal that was completed, removed two abandoned and deteriorating vessels left in one of Florida's major water systems.  

These vessels were invasive and overgrowing with vegetation and needed to be carefully extracted.

Safe Removal of Potential Hazards:


Our dive crew carefully removed engines, oil, gas and any potential environmental hazards from the vessels before extraction.

Along with these precautions, turbidity curtains are used for extra measures to ensure no pollutants escape into the surrounding waters.

Restoring the Environment:


This project restored the delicate marine environment back to a natural state, where these vessels were located


Carefully extracted not to disturb the surrounding habitat during the entire process.

Leak Detection and Aquata-poxy Repair

InDepth, Leak Detection and Repair

How it works?

From the interior of the tank the dye solution is injected around the potential leak. 


This solution then travels into the leak and outside of the tank for easy detection and repair.

InDepth, Leak Detection and Repair

Why it's important to the environment? 


Saving time, money and precious water.  This leak detection system prevents the complete drainage of the water storage system for repair.  Saving energy thus reducing the impact on the environment. 

InDepth, Leak Detection and Repair

Leak Detection


Is the saving of energy and resources. This leak detection system InDepth uses will allow a complete underwater repair in a timely manner.

Recognized Standards

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