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professional diving inspection, Maintenance & repair

At In-Depth we pride ourselves on the quality of services we can provide to our local and long distance cities, communities and municipals. With six (6+) years of experience in the inland diving industry, in all weather conditions across the US, we have adapted to state of the art equipment and technology. This allows us to service and provide "in-depth" inspection reports (post construct & routine) across a wide platform of standards. We travel to remote and desolate sites and locations to service your submerged, floating and structural requirements and needs. Almost all services we provide can be preformed in a myriad of conditions.



Warranty Inspections (Structural & Coating)

15 point Visual Exterior Inspection (Aerial)

In depth NDT Visual Inspections

Sediment Removal

Debris Removal (all sizes)

In-Water (General & Pitting) corrosion repairs

Submerged  Valve & Gate Inspections

Salvage Recovery

Leak Detection & Repairs

Mil thickness testing (DFT)

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

ROV Services

Marine Construction & Repairs

Engineering Services

Underwater Surveying/Mapping

Emergency Dive Operations

Pipeline Inspections

Dam Inspections

Bridge Inspections

Sea Wall & Dock Inspections

Watercraft & Vessel Inspection

Hull Scrubbing


Pile Driving

Wet & Dry


Wet & Dry



Wet & Dry



Wet & Dry

Wet & Dry

Wet & Dry

Inspection, maintenance & repair

From warranty inspections & ultrasonic testing; submerged rust repairs to valve & gate installations we can accommodate any need in any environment.

aerial Inspections

Using the best video and drone technology available, our 15 point visual exterior and structural inspections are provided in 4K Ultra HD.

Salvage Recovery

Frozen lakes and rivers are no match for our team of recovery divers.

Sediment & Debris Removal

One of the biggest hazards to potable water tanks and we have the solution!

Recognized Standards


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